Theme: Marine Copepoda

Symposium: Marine Copepods of the Indian Ocean: A contribution to the Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2)

  • Why bother with copepods in the Indian Ocean, when krill will do?
  • Characterizing copepod communities across 30 degrees of latitude in the Indian Ocean
  • The large-bodied copepods off Masirah Island, Oman: changes during a decade of sampling
  • Spatial structuring of pelagic copepod diversity in the Bay of Bengal

Theme: Symbiotic Copepoda

Symposium: Diversity, Ecology and Evolution of Symbiotic Copepoda

  • New discoveries on the life cycle, host specificity and development of Caligus
  • Invasions create competitors: How novel interactions among established and invasive parasites modify host-parasite coevolution
  • How many copepods still play hide and seek in the mouth of vetigastropods?
  • Parasitic copepods – the epitome of radically divergent body plans in the Crustacea

Theme: Molecular work on Copepoda

Symposium: Molecular Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Copepoda

  • Assessing copepod diversity: the molecular perspective
  • Molecular works on Copepoda: a review on the phylogeny of copepods  
  • Identification of copepods using proteome fingerprinting

Theme: Freshwater Copepoda

Symposium: Systematics, Ecology and Evolution of Freshwater Copepods

  • Island biogeography of Cyclopidae: a review
  • Biodiversity and phylogenetic studies of diaptomid copepods from the lower Mekong River Basin of Southeast Asia
  • Revision and updates of copepods found in oddly investigated continental habitats
  • Groundwater habitats – an inexhaustible source of new Copepoda species